You have somehow found me on the internetverse. I am an employee working on getting out of traditional 9 to 5 and this website is one of my outlets for keeping me accountable on this journey.

I run an anonymous instagram page called workoptionalin5. If you’re interested in how I plug on to become financially independent, read on and spend some time reading the content I share on the blog tab.

My target is to become workoptional in five years and I set this target for myself last year (2022). Since then, I’ve learnt a lot from the FIRE community and made some tweaks to what I want. While I continue to chase my FIRE number of €800,000, I am also laser focused on increasing my income streams. These income streams are a mix of passive and active so I prefer to call them income streams vs. passive income streams.

I have rambled enough. Thank you for visiting my page and I look forward to engaging with you.

Key to note – Everything I share on here is my personal opinion and do not constitute financial advise. Always do your own research