I decided I will put my learnings from reading “The year of less” into practice even though I will not be able to do everything that was done in the book. The area I’m determined to 100% reapply is to buy no clothes and I’m stretching this to not replace whatever goes bad but default to alternatives. I have not bought anything since the beginning of the year and it still surprises me how I really don’t need anything.

Even though I made an annual budget that is inclusive of clothing budget, I have not had any reason to spend from the budget. One action that has enabled me stay true is the uber frugal month challenge I did in January which helped me build the right habits. When I do see things I would get excited about in the past, I have no emotional pull towards them as I know the joy of acquisition will quickly diminish.

How I am staying focused and helping me on this journey:

  1. Acknowledge that I had a shopping addiction in the past which was not a good use of my money. A lot of the items I bought were not used, have become clutter in my home and I’m gradually working through getting rid of them. I do not need to acquire more things that will lead to more clutter
  2. All the things I bought in the past did not provide me lasting joy beyond the purchase period and I do not need to keep feeding this fleeting joy
  3. I have eliminated my number 1 stressor (last job) that fed my mindless shopping and there is no need to continue the poor habit
  4. I keep myself engaged with personal development and craft activities that gives me so much joy. This leaves me with less space to fill with mindless shopping
  5. Whenever I feel a dip or intense feeling to shop for things, I do a wardrobe review and I’m always surprised to see the many items I’ve not worn in awhile
  6. I constantly remind myself that I have all I need and do not need more
  7. I unsubscribed from mailing lists that encourages me to shop things I don’t need
  8. I unfollowed social media pages that are salesy and promote things I don’t need. I also unfollowed personal finance pages that are too salesy and are constantly promoting things I do not need to buy
  9. I got comfortable saying No to friends that ask for us to go on shopping dates
  10. Everytime I make a declutter sale, I use it as a reminder to never put myself in that situation again

My no buy habit combined with other value based spending I’m doing has reduced my overall spend. By extension, I have more money to invest and this has contributed to my networth growth. I will be joyfully wearing what I already have for the rest of the year.

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