I never imagined that I will want to stop the traditional 9 to 5 work style. I put a lot of effort to get to where I am in my career. I have a science based first degree which was not serving me so I went back to study for my MBA. After my MBA, I started my career as a Financial Analyst in a multinational where my role was more business analysis oriented. To equip myself for the role, I got CIMA qualified. So yes, I invested years and money into me, developing on the job and career advancement.

Fast forward many years later, I got married and had a child after some years. This was the turning point for me as my brain kept reminding me that I have maximum eighteen full years with my child and how am I planning to maximise that. Having a child coupled with a hectic work schedule quickly got me thinking of a way out.

I have always invested somewhat but not strategically. During 2021 work from home I stumbled on the FIRE community on instagram which got me researching and reading up more. And then the lightbulb clicked! How do I organise my finances to support my living cost so I can spend more time with my child? This is how workoptionalinfive got birthed.

My Why is my child. I want to not spend just three hours during the weekdays with them and be too wiped out by the week’s stress to spend quality time with them over the weekend.

My base target remains five years and technically it’s now almost four years as one year will be off in August 2023. My stretch target is to get it done in a shorter time frame and that is in two years. This is stretch and I’m determined to get it done as my child’s growth will not slow down for my target to happen.

What’s your why? Share with me.

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