Since I became an active member of the FIRE community, I take notes of what people do and try to reapply the benefits to myself.

Credit card hacking is a concept I do not understand yet but read up on as it has it’s own appeal. One caveat though, I have no debt and have a credit card that I pay up every month. This means using a credit card poses little risk to my financial plans.

My current credit card is an Amazon Prime issued card in collaboration with a local bank in Berlin. I love having the card and the prime points I get which is money I use for future shopping. One other benefit was ‘no fees’ as long as I have Amazon Prime membership. All good till now right. Then why did I suddenly get an email two weeks ago informing me the collaboration is over and I have the option to switch to the banks card at a fee or my card usage is over by end September. The collaborating bank offers me to continue having a credit card with them at a fee and very bad terms which I won’t bore you with. The horror of it all.

I wasn’t expecting this change and have almost no time to research an alternative card with equal or better benefits. I have spent time looking at what’s available and no offer on the market compares to the benefit I currently get. Cue my crying face.

The options are slim so I’m realistic to focus on getting a no fee card that offers some cashback options. I considered Miles and More as I’m travelling more frequently but all their offerings are fee based. I wonder if anyone living in Germany is able to credit card hack and how they do it.

I do need a credit card so I will settle for the Barclays payback offer for now until I’m informed better on what’s best for me. I’m going to miss my Amazon Prime credit card. We had a good time together which ends on 30th September 2023. It also feels like I’m getting less benefit for having Amazon Prime membership. My membership renewal is up this month and I should consider if I want to keep it or let it go as this credit card was my favourite benefit. I can do without overshopping on Amazon at this point as other providers also offer speedy shipping. I will make a pros and cons list and will let you know my decision. I will also investigate how to credit card hack in Germany as yes I do want free credit card funded vacations as well.

Until then, let me know if you have a credit card recommendation that is fantastic to use in Germany.

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