A new income stream I started September last year was selling items I no longer need. Everything I sold was new or hardly used and I sold them via eBay, Vestiaire and Vinted. I have sold 7 items so far and made €1,780 from the sale. I sold 2 items on eBay for €1,040, 4 items on Vestiaire for €730 and 1 item on Vinted for €10. All my earnings were transferred to my brokerage and invested into ETFs as soon as I got paid.

I knew declutter sale was an option but I thought and talked about it then did nothing till I got a burst of “can do” energy mid September 2023. I also got inspired by seeing Instagram accounts I follow post about their declutter sale earnings. I started with opening a Vestiaire account and immediately got high interest in my items. I also opened an eBay account when I saw others making sales via the platform. After opening the eBay account, I realised there was no commission for private sellers so I got the full amount paid for my items. eBay immediately became my favourite platform but I got low reach on my items.

In order of preference, eBay remains number 1 as there was no back and forth with eBay buyers. The first buyer made an offer which I countered and immediately bought while the second buyer just made a direct purchase. The number 2 is Vestiaire as I got a lot of reach and made the most sales from the platform. The main con is the 18% deduction for platform and payment fees. I also noticed that some buyers on Vestiaire will play the offer ping pong for days and then end up not buying or engage you in multiple questions and still not buy. I also think the platform has low trust on the authenticity of products as 75% of my sales had authentication request. Of course they all passed the authentication. The least preferred platform is Vinted as it’s difficult to sell high value items and there’s very low reach unless you pay for bumping. I chose not to pay for bumping as my listings on there were already low priced. I plan to stop using Vinted and will delist all the items I have on there.

I still have a lot of shoes to sell and will be listing them all on eBay and Vestiaire before the end of January. I hope to generate at least €300 monthly from declutter sales in 2024. This income stream made live the “Just Start” saying. You really don’t know what will happen unless you start.

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