I don’t know why but I expected to wake up and feel different. I was looking forward to the oomph that validates that I’m on a career break. I woke up at my normal time and did the usual morning routine to get my child off to Kindergarten and this was when I started getting a little bit of career break feeling. I realised I was in no hurry to get things done so I could rush off to work or be at my work desk for the days I work from home. There was no rushing my child either which meant no morning meltdown and we all had a frustration free morning. I felt light and caught myself nodding a few times as affirmation that I made the right call.

Post morning get the child out the door, I sorted my sourdough starter and used the discard to make crumpets. It was my first time making crumpets and I was patient enough to get it right the first time and not mistranslate the recipe. Yes, I’m great at reading 1 teaspoon as 1 tablespoon. The crumpets were yummy and I have added it to my recipe list.

I spent the rest of the day on admin tasks I have abandoned for awhile and a mini declutter. I also spent an hour with my mentor which got me focused on my new phase of life. My day was a short one as I did a long walk then a 2pm pickup from Kindergarten and we spent the next three hours in the library. It was my first time in this library and I was pleasantly surprised by how family friendly it is. I will be making very good use of the library for myself and the young one going forward.

I had an easy day. I did not think of work or miss it and I didn’t miss any colleague. I am probably still in the honeymoon phase and the reality of my decision may look different down the line. For now, I am grateful that I get to take this career break and in just 1 day I see a shift in my energy and my responses.

The journey to financial independence is personal and looks different for everyone. I could have kept my head down, put in the work, ignore how I’m feeling and just deliver my work optional target in five years as originally planned but I wonder how things will look then. My path is different now and closer to slow FI so I will smell the roses and enjoy the journey at a pace that works for me.

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