I spent some money in week 4. Total spent was €491 split as €11 for lunch at work (ouch, I didn’t need to spend that but I wanted something different), €5 for medication contribution and €475 for tickets for a planned late June trip.

I didn’t practice financial responsibility with the lunch and this was me giving in for no reason. The gag was I did pack lunch to work so there was actually no reason to buy except the craving to spend. The medical spend was needed and in line with my staying health. I am intentional about spending time with family and friends with meetups planned for the year. The ticket is for a vacation happening mid year and I will be getting a 50% refund as I paid for a friend’s ticket.

Uber frugal month challenge gets me to evaluate closely what I’m spending on. I like this and will keep it as part of standard checks.

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