I use degiro as my main brokerage because they were the only brokerage that accepted me years ago. Yes, I’m aware Degiro comes with fees but I really don’t mind paying this. One thing I struggle with is the inability to automate my monthly investment. My monthly transfer is automated which is great as it just gets done. I then have to go into degiro to decide what I’m buying for the month.

I know my investment strategy is to buy into index funds but I still battle with myself every month whether that is the right choice or not. I know it’s the choice that works for me but not having that process automated provides me with an avenue to change my strategy, add to my anxiety and sometimes end up making the wrong decision because my emotional side kicks my rational side to the curb.

I am in the process of opening a Trading212 account but stopped midway as I have to accept to loan out my shares. I’m not informed enough to make this decision and not comfortable authorising this. If I don’t authorise it, I can’t use this platform and this is a big red flag for me so I will have to stick it out with degiro until I can open a vanguard account directly and automate my investments.

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