I had a decision to make weeks ago regarding an ask that stressed me for awhile. I finally made the decision to not provide the financial support by applying my money boundaries and having a real talk with myself.

My natural reaction in such situations is to bend over backwards to support others even when I can’t afford it. This is why I defined what’s important to me and made rules on setting the right money boundaries. Keeping to the money boundaries will keep me accountable and this was a perfect situation for me to put it into practice.

To decline the ask, I had a conversation with the requestor and informed I am not in a financial position to support and will have to say no. It was very uncomfortable for me to do and I had a lot of anxiety prior to the call. I am not great at saying to financial requests. The surprising part was it was accepted well which I didn’t expect at all and I continue to have a cordial relationship with the individual. I am also respecting the situation and not asking questions around the ask and if they found a solve without me.

There will be many more money asks and I need to train my no saying muscle until it becomes a comfortable action for me to do.

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