I am one of those people who countdown and look forward to payday. I was not like this until a friend told me whenever I’m stressed at work, I should check how many days are left to payday and console myself with the knowledge that I’d get paid soon. I have to admit it works everytime and I joyfully look forward to payday.

It took me awhile to lock a month-end routine that works for me and since I got it right, the benefits are tangible.

My month end routine is split into 4 automated actions and 2 manual actions:

  1. Pay myself first – my monthly investment amount automatically gets transferred to my brokerage. I have stopped pausing it and just let it go automatically. It’s currently 40% of my net income
  2. Automated transfer of my share of fixed bills to my Husband – Fixed bills are defined and do not fluctuate so it’s the same amount monthly
  3. Automated transfer of sinking funds to HYSA
  4. Automated transfer of planned variable spend to my Revolut account. Even though this is variable, I have a fixed amount for it
  5. Anything that’s remaining gets moved to my HYSA. If I’m making a sinking fund spend during the month, I transfer the value out of the HYSA
  6. Prior month’s variable underspend gets moved to my brokerage

I started this routine to ensure there’s a plan for every € and train myself to know I have no extra available to spend beyond what is budgeted. It works unless I intervene and the intervention needs to stop. I have stuck to the routine in January and hope nothing derails me.

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