I spent the grand total of €0 this week. This was not intentional as I planned to shop groceries every week. The week was short as we had a 3 nights vacation so I needed less and I still had leftovers from the meal prep I made last week.

For last week’s meal prep, I baked 2 sourdough breads, made a too big batch of quinoa plus veggies and a bowl of bean pudding. So I have too much food to deplete and I’m working on finishing what I have before getting a replacement so this means I need to eat up the food before preparing new meals.

We went away for a short city break between Christmas and New Year 2023 which I paid for. To offset this, I am not contributing to the cost of the 3 night vacation we took.

I wish more weeks of the year will be €0 spend. Unlikely that this will repeat so I’m going to enjoy the high of not spending for a full week.

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