It is another week of no spend. Last week was difficult as my boundaries got tested multiple times. I was able to not spend because my Husband stocked up on veggies and fruits so I didn’t need to buy. I am also still working my way through the pantry overstock so I don’t have to throw food away due to expiry date. I got a request for financial support which I couldn’t do as I already emptied my bank account and I applied my money boundaries guidelines.

I practiced frugality too well as I packed stuff to eat every day I went to work and on Saturday’s day out. We were out with friends and took a break at an outdoor terrace. From prior visits, I know it was allowed to eat your own food provided you bought drinks. After I started eating my sandwich on the terrace, I saw a sign that only purchased food is allowed. I packed it up and only drank from the flask. Everyone else in the group bought food and even overbought but I will rather not argue with a waiter.

The sign of growth is I didn’t feel any type of way eating my home made snack. I now eat less overall so buying food will automatically lead to food waste which I avoid and I get to eat healthier. I meal prepped two meals (Udon noodles plus veggies and Butternut squash soup) for the week and I impressed myself with my new found ability to combine random ingredients that delivers tasty meals.

Despite going back to standard routine, uber frugal month is still going strong and I’m happy I gave it a shot.

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